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Default ○SwordTides○ [Dragon Nest Guild]

↔Guild Status↔
Guild Level: Lv.4
Guild Officers/Leader:
TimedSword[Leader](Guild creator)
Cinderspark [Officer](Head in Command Officer)
Riight[Officer](Second-in command)
↔Guild News↔
None at the moment

No trolling
No marketing guild storage items
Be inactive for 1 month or longer and you will get kicked
Be nice to others, we are all friends.
Have common sense

In-game Nickname:
Character Job:
Character Level
Have you been kicked from any other guild? If so ,why?:
Extra Info:

When you apply, an officer will add you to the guild.
If some time passes and you have not been added, whisper an officer.

No current events at the moment

SwordTides is a guild created by TimedSword.
SwordTides has 4 officers
We are currently in Lv.4

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