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Mercenary Information
l.How to become a Mercenary
ll.Mercenary's Class Description
Skill builds
l.PvE Skill build
ll.Mercenary Combos

How to become a Mercenary

To become a Mercenary,you must be at level 15.
When you reach level 15, you go to the NPC Warrior Trainer Chandler and find the quest for class change. Complete all the steps in the mission. Once you are done with them, he will talk to you about a warrior.Then, he'll ask you what class you want. BE CAREFUL which class you pick! Don't rush on it, you might pick the wrong class. Once he tells you what job you want to become, click Mercenary. You can take the hammer or axe, they are both connected to Mercenary.
Once you complete the mission, go to Irene to receive your skill reset. Your are now a Mercenary
Mercenary's Class Description

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