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Originally Posted by Torikakae
It's gonna rain. I forgot my umbrella. I'm wearing white....
Lol, thats a good bad one. D:

Worst thing today was that I had to help my mom scan stuff for my brother.

Not that it was bad, nor did I mind, but I had to hook in my printer to my computer...

I have like 2 USB ports in the back, which my mouse and speakers occupy, so I had to make sure I removed the speakers, and then plug in the printer, which has a really SHORT USB cable...

Also, my tower is in a little compartment like thing of my computer desk, and because of my printer cable, which goes down the back, I couldn't pull my tower out, and I had to shove my arms in there, feel around, feel around again for the USB slots, and all that crap.

Afterwards, my back ached a tiny bit when I sat or stood or something...