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How is Iris a tsundere? If anyone is a tsundere I would say it's Dark Moon Princess, she seems close enough.

At most I think is that slightly innocent girl who just happens to have a pile of responsibility stack on her against her will. I think she's very easily embarrassed too, she's also seems helpful (especially to the player even if she
) who pouts a lot when things don't exactly go her way (in a non-serious situation) but doesn't push for it.

She also seems to be a even adventurous person and likes to the learn about the world around her. Maybe she's a little absent-minded as well and I think she's a bit into romance given... I can't remember the guy's name in the Sphinx dungeon where he is obviously infatuate with that Priestess girl from Atlantis, but this is me just judging by her little quirks from the Iris Stones, the comic strips I've seen, the story dialogue from her friends, and what other NPCs in the towns know about her.

Anyway back on topic, no one can find the proper name of Iris' hair color except "Silver Blonde"? I wonder what color code number it is for her hair color? Does anyone like Iris' hair color? Did you think it's a very vivid and beautiful hair? I for one do, I think she has beautiful and eye-catching hair that makes her stunning (as an "anime" character).
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