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Insert trollface.jpg?

Nah actually I'm seriously not trolling.

we all know his personality since the FAZZ-Arios incident
Rofl, you seem to be missing the Destiny one.

Not my fault I do my own research =/.

Btw just something I picked up back there.

Your calculation is off btw. you failed to take into account the following

1. you already take damage before you purge
2. you have lower hp because purge mode is like that for alva
Apparently my calc is off. But probably not the way you think.

HP 12000
Shields 7000/80
7000/8 x 10 = 8750
When 8750 damage is dealt, 7000 goes towards shields, 1750 goes towards HP

HP 12000 - 1750 = 10250.

HP 10250
Shields 5000/70
5000/7 x 10 = 7143 rounded nearest whole number.
When 7143 damage is dealt to Alvaaron, 5000 goes towards shields, 2142 goes to HP.

HP 10250 - 2142 = 8108

DAMAGE TAKEN + HP REMAINING = 8108 + 7143 = 15251

EDIT : Want to point out something real cool here.
Alvaaron's damage capacity + damage taken as Alvatore = 15251 + 8750 = 24001

It actually takes 24k damage to kill! Without spec.

My previous 13k was wrong. Its actually 15k. Alvaaron is basically a new suit if not for spec-vulnerability.

And I don't think purging lowers your HP does it?
HP for both Alvaaron and Alvatore is 12000, listed on

And what parts of the calc am I missing?

And yea shields take crit. You can hit GUARDs against people with sniper's crit.

As for everything else...
SSNW vs Alva : Player skill dependant.
Critting Alva : Player skill dependant.

In the end, Alvatore is still fragile and Chsal has no idea he is saying.
And what are YOUR great contributions to this argument?

and isn`t that def stat based when it still has its GN Field on ?
No? There isn't anything that suggests its DEF would decrease when GN field goes off. There is no value recorded, no tests recorded, just speculation.

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