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Originally Posted by Bng422
Ao, you're basing this off as in everyone that 1v1's a Susanowo with a scissor is a retard.

You think anyone is going to fight a Susanowo head on with a Alvatore, of all things?

It's more like natural instinct. You see something that can potentially cause you a lot of danger (a scis seeing a rock) and your first instincts are to back off.
lets take this scenario then.

ssnw vultures someone on the alva's team, gets vet infighter

alva's ranged arsenal becomes near useless, guy does not purge

ssnw uses melee dash to get close, due to this, assume 1/2 boost duration remaining when ssnw nears alva. ssnw presses R

Alva decides to melee ssnw

ssnw -> jump forward and up

weapon 2 (near 100% of the time crit)
weapon 1 (crit most of the time, if not crit w1 again to KD + break shield)

alva's melee in MA mode has too big a delay to zbs the ssnw unless he knows in advance that the ssnw will use this tactic to get behind him.

There are also other tactics that ssnw can use to outmaneuver alva, such as reaction time game (dash 1 way, then suddenly start dashing the other way to get crits on the guy who just turned 1 way to prevent you from getting crits)
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