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Originally Posted by Ao
@ 1

If you really want to see how fast it can go, you can refer to the first few mins of my ssnw video. It has a clip where i use them in succession at.... 1:25

There is basically no delay between the two weapons

@ 2

use self as bait, aka position self in front of him

double tab A or D


press 1


yes, you will get 2 crits

trust me, it works.
Ao, you're basing this off as in everyone that 1v1's a Susanowo with a scissor is a retard.

You think anyone is going to fight a Susanowo head on with a Alvatore, of all things?

It's more like natural instinct. You see something that can potentially cause you a lot of danger (a scis seeing a rock) and your first instincts are to back off.
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