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Just tested.

from the front, aced susanowo takes 3 to break the GN field

and, just as I said, 1 tri punisher and 1 slash breaks the GN field from the back.

alvaron has it broken from 1 slash or 2 slashes

If you dont believe me, go test it yourself

btw, used 2 pc's

"AoRenai" aced susanowo, my alt
"AoSekai" aced alva, my main


VID TAKEN OFF, no point keeping it there to prove something already proven.

Note that the delay between tripunisher and weapon 1 can be shortened dramatically. This time, it was shown slowly due to it being a test.

Also note that ssnw's weapon 1 damage is enhanced by its skill 2's crit dmg effect

Even if the shield surrounds the suit, it still takes critical damage because its a hit to the back rather than one to the front. This critical damage is also applied to the shield.
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