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Originally Posted by Chsal

Enlighten me. Why should Alvatore, with a generic scissors melee, and retardedly good long range weapons, not camp?

Is there any benefit in an Alvatore moving up 2000 units closer, to fire beams that would do exactly the same far away?

Accuracy might be the only reason, but its not that hard to hit with fat beams. And being outside of enemy search range means they won't know you're there until you hit them.
Gonna go a bit off topic here but this annoys me to no end.

1) there are not many situations in which the ideal strategy is to camp.
2) Not camping does not automatically equal rushing. There is a happy medium.
3) if you stay too far back, due to the different positions your enemy takes you have a limited target selection. This leads to sub-optimal damage output as you might limit your choices to some tanky rock or something with ifield instead of that juicy paper. Generally speaking (and especially true of a beam dependent suit) you should always be moving looking for a better position, a better angle while balancing the increased risk of exposing yourself to enemy rocks. A static shooter is one where the beam source is predictable and thus easier to take cover against.
4) Just so this entire reply isn't off topic; Everytime I see alvatore I think of cooking yellow lobster or crab because whatever the numbers say, the fact that it's big, slow and generally too dependent on its shield makes it a easy target that tends to die quickly to any sort of real effort to kill it.

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