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I meant, I can run up to an alvatore and break its shield in one second as a single rock, even if my team is off in lala land figthing the rest of the team, leaving me 1v1 with the alva. Rather, anyone with a suit selection similar to mine, not me.

Another thing to note is that people who slash alvatore can chain twice as many hits on the thing as usual.

honestly, if you think that the shield does it alot of good, i'd argue that it leads to overconfidence and the size of the MS does not have good synergy with its low hp.

You are assuming that it takes 2 specs from full hp. Of course it will not have full hp, especially in DM, it doesn't even spawn with that much on its second life.

I mentioned melee spec because that spec generically has higher damage than ranged spec. Any suit with both typically has a sp stat of ~3 higher with the mode with melee spec.

Your calculation is off btw. you failed to take into account the following

1. you already take damage before you purge
2. you have lower hp because purge mode is like that for alva

@ retune, yes, but its not wise to tank with the thing >:

If you die, your team is 3v4 = not good
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