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I throw two boomerangs and prolly 1 pistol shot at it and it's normally shield-less after that
Two booms and a beam or two from IJ generally halves the HP of most scissors you know...

Infinite Justice/Susanowo trolls this guy so hard it's not even funny
IJ/Susa troll scissors in general. Alva actually deals with them quite well due to high damage potential, anti-flinch and high mobility, in comparison to other scissors.

GNAD/E is not dependable any GN-Field, has defense boosting skills, respectable HP, shields on their own
Actually, GNAD with shields has 19000 damage soaking capacity. Same as Alvatore. BUT, GNAD shields don't fully protect it like GN field does.

Otherwise, yes, GNAD is slightly tankier than Alvatore due to Vet Sniper.

After you take down it's shields
Theres still 10k HP left over. And high defense if it chooses to stay in that mode. If you did the equivalent to other suits, IE, deal 8750 damage, most would be left with 4k~HP, and not nearly as much defense.

Well, if all you play is camping maps, or all you do is to camp with Alvatore, then oh well.
Enlighten me. Why should Alvatore, with a generic scissors melee, and retardedly good long range weapons, not camp?

Is there any benefit in an Alvatore moving up 2000 units closer, to fire beams that would do exactly the same far away?

Accuracy might be the only reason, but its not that hard to hit with fat beams. And being outside of enemy search range means they won't know you're there until you hit them.

No, the point is, Alvatore is frail if you can bypass it's shield. That means spec. That means focus fire to break it.
If you can bypass its shield. Theres two ways. Raw damage, which requires 7000 damage. Or spec, which isn't free either.

Alvatore needs to be specced twice for the specs to pay off. (Unless suits have +spec skills).

Lets say Alvatore gets specced once. It loses 6500~7000 damage or so. It still has about 5k AND ITS SHIELD.

Normal suits that get specced just have 7k.

And when you spec any suit twice it pretty much dies. Maybe +1shot at most.

and they will still offer more than what Alvatore has to offer
Are you sure a lot of other S ranks can offer the sheer damage of 1900 fat beams with 21.3ATK, reload up and fangs?

But thats offtopic. Isn't relevant to Alvatore's tanking ability.

You talk like flashlights other than yours don't exist.
And that if you camp your team must camp.
Or the fact that being far away you can see where your enemies are.
Or that nobody would just use hide to get in close to you.
Or even teleport and find a lone camper to kill.

The point is, if you want to not make your team fail, you should never camp so far back nothing hits you.
Sure you live, but your team dies.
Other flashlights do exist. But Alvatore can compete with many of them.
You just need to follow your team from a relatively safe position. You don't NEED to never get hit. You just have to avoid specs. Of course its not possible to 100% never get hit by spec, but you can make sure they go through hell to land it.

And talking items.
Alvatore SP downs shit.
Or warps away.

I have no clue where you got your Reborme's Scheme skill translation from, but:

When HP is 40% or lower, ATK +1.5, DEF +3, weapon's reload speed is up by 35%, SP dmg +20%

Only 20%. And Reborn's doesn't have an exceptionally high Range SP stat. Point I'm trying to put across: Alvatore has really low HP.
I got it from sdgo wiki. Looks like it has a small error.

And yea. We knew it has low HP. We knew its vulnerable to spec. Nothing new.

I dont get how alvatore is not fragile, or how your playstyle fixes the issue.

the things shield is not as sturdy as you think it is; there are rocks out there that can break your GN field so fast that you wont know wtf happened, and then kill alvatore with relative ease. By fast, I mean in a second, quite literally, one single second. many melee sp's can also finish alva in a single go.

If you camp in the back, all you do is make yourself prey, as well as useless against infighter suits.
The shield is exactly as sturdy as I think it is. And what I think is that it has exactly 7000HP and 80% damage reduction. What do YOU think it has?

And of course its possible to break it in 1 second. You can kill suits in 1 second. You just need the right circumstances. But that doesn't mean Alvatore is going to be EZMODE BREAK SHIELD KILL ALVATORE every single time you meet it. Most of the time you won't be able to break Alvatore's shield in 1 second.

And I don't get your point about melee sps. Almost, if not all, all SPs do 6500 base damage. Obviously I haven't looked through every single suit, but I've only ever seen 6500 damage. The only difference in damage comes from damage fluctuation, SP stat and skills.

And finally, one point I realised I forgot to mention.
Purging into Alvaaron from a freshly shield-broken Alvatore leaves you with:
HP : 10250
Shields : 5000/70
Damage soaking capacity is 13107 rounded to the nearest whole number.
Not many suits can take 8750 damage, and then end up with still 13k hp left over.

And this time, its small enough to dodge just like every other small S rank.

Not to mention it will STILL TAKE two specs to kill it.

It even comes with a 1500 BR with 21.3 ATK, 25.5 AGI. Reload Up. Its like purging into an almost new NTD after you've already lost half your HP. Except slightly lower HP, but higher damage.

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