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Originally Posted by Chsal
Ok. Factor that in. But Alvatore has 4550 range fat beam and 5000 range fangs. So it can easily adopt a campy playstyle like WZC and GNAD. Depending on your teammates, nothing can ever get close...
If you play camp, and the other team don't rush. Pubbies, maybe. Yeah. 13 points? Nope.

Originally Posted by Chsal
In general, a team of players stomps a single player.
You don't get it. The whole point about it being a giant means it is the ideal target to get focused fire on. MS can generally take cover and etc, but Alvatore? No. You stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone can and will aim at you when you are an easy target to aim at.

Originally Posted by Chsal
As for shotguns, thats something all non I field MA have to deal with. Doesn't make Alvatore, specifically, fragile. Units have counters. They deal with it. Doesn't make them fragile.
And how many are there? Let's see. There's urm..... Alvatore, the 2 Apsallas, GNAD/E, Zeongs, Kyshatria, Elmeth, Val Varo. More than half are A ranks, which makes it unfair, so we have Alvatore, GNAD/E and Kyshatria. Kyshatria has Fortress EX plus shields. GNAD/E is not dependable any GN-Field, has defense boosting skills, respectable HP, shields on their own, and is not a giant walking target, because they are barely considered as a giant. And oh, they have shields too.

And I haven't even list out the full list of counters that can troll Alvatore.

The whole point of me saying shotguns is because it's so damn easy to land the full blast on it, because of it's size. After you take down it's shields, there's no I-Fields, no Fortress, no Defense up, nothing. You purge. And the cycle repeats - albeit it's harder for them this time, because you can actually dodge.

Originally Posted by Chsal
Depends on suit. Of course Alvatore is more susceptible to spec, but they have to get close enough to actually spec it first.
Well, if all you play is camping maps, or all you do is to camp with Alvatore, then oh well.

Originally Posted by Chsal
In general, suits are pretty close to dieing after taking 8750 damage. A generic S rank with 14500 HP has 5750 HP left. Alvatore has 10250. Alvatore is easier to hit, but you have to hit it twice as much as a generic S rank.
No, the point is, Alvatore is frail if you can bypass it's shield. That means spec. That means focus fire to break it. You are basing your assumption that both Alvatore and others are as easily hit, but that is not the case at all. An evaded shot means that the MS eats 0 damage. Did you factor in all the shots that are evaded by the S ranks that are not giant? Do you know what I hate facing the most when I use SR Dendro? MG-ers like DSHC or HAC. They evade your shots using the buildings or maps, and they whittle your HP away with their MGs. And you can't dodge much, because you are a damn giant.

Originally Posted by Chsal
Otherwise everything is fragile because Destiny oneshots everything with SP after it spawns with spec awakening =/...
But it so happens that Rau Dinn's one of the standard B scis in 13 points.

Originally Posted by Chsal
So basically Alvatore solves most of its problems by camping. People can't hit you with random shots, specs or shotguns if you're far away.
That applies for all the suits with flashlights. Having a GN-Field or not doesn't matter if you can camp and the opponent can't reach you. I can basically apply what you said to Alvatore to a lot of other S ranks, and they will still offer more than what Alvatore has to offer.

A good Alvatore which I played with in 13 points some time ago rushed with us immediately on the first live to abuse its anti-flinch and shield bulk. It's Alvaron mode is pretty dependent on us suppressing the opponents so that it can evade and fire with ease, and that still did not stop it from eating specs and dying relatively quick as compared to the team, though we did take down the opponent S rank just as fast due to it's help with the early rush. Said player switch out to use SF later when we face tougher opponents because well, it can dodge.

I quite like Alvatore, but its weakness are glaring. It is fragile, and I won't go about saying it isn't just because I like it.

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