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Originally Posted by kale15
was that a joke, or are you amazingly freak-show worthy stupid?
Pfft....I just hope it was not Trolling...

dam dat sux...would have been great it 2nd and 3rd winnders was in it to =I...


lets all just play the Guessing Game of What those skills do shall we ?

lets see

the Bunny:
the chain Leg must be in an increase of speed or some sort while the Explosion look like a AoE type of skill..

look like a new Lighting attack skills. the Band-aid I have not idea...=/

I'm guessing she use a skills that some type of Fusion attack Perhaps of here 5 Elaments. that Dark hole looking thing is unsure but it looks Dark Attibute. but I think it Earth skill.

I think the Dragon May have a Update on the Current skills but just Light Pact Skills. it looks like more healing but the Timer one idk...but it just tell you got few sec to go to heaven...

Dark: looks like your gonna have to give up on something to Gain more power I think...but it may mostly be your enemy with the deal.

looks like she may recieve an update on her Current skills which is knives. not sure about the new skills of Knives but the other one looks like it will increase her Defense or something somewhere that...

it looks like mahine Gun or some type of Reload Power thing for sure is that Lion may at last have a Robotic landmine of some sort

I got nothing for the 1st as for looks like new skill or and update of her Current one...or could just be both...=/

Raccoon: looks risky so it some sort of self damage sacrifice that Damage the user and anyone near by... tha cards must be a new animation skills attack or something...

what are you guy guss ?