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You forgot to factor in the fact that it is a giant in the first form
Ok. Factor that in. But Alvatore has 4550 range fat beam and 5000 range fangs. So it can easily adopt a campy playstyle like WZC and GNAD. Depending on your teammates, nothing can ever get close...

(WZC is a viable comparison because its practically immobile in snipe mode)

(GNAD too because its similar size to Alvatore)

A team of players focus firing it from far
In general, a team of players stomps a single player.

As for shotguns, thats something all non I field MA have to deal with. Doesn't make Alvatore, specifically, fragile. Units have counters. They deal with it. Doesn't make them fragile.

Even by speccing him when he has high HP, there's also a pretty huge chance of him dying from it.
Depends on suit. Of course Alvatore is more susceptible to spec, but they have to get close enough to actually spec it first.

Its a giant, and once that shield pops and you don't purge you're pretty much good as dead.
In general, suits are pretty close to dieing after taking 8750 damage. A generic S rank with 14500 HP has 5750 HP left. Alvatore has 10250. Alvatore is easier to hit, but you have to hit it twice as much as a generic S rank.

Also, a Reborns range sp with skill 2 activated can kill a Alvatore that just spawned
Ribbon's Scheme
"When the unit's health drops below 40%, the unit's attack, defense, and weapon reload rates are increased"

I see nothing regarding SP in there.

And its not exactly fair to be picking a suit with such high SP.

Otherwise everything is fragile because Destiny oneshots everything with SP after it spawns with spec awakening =/...

My Zeta's Waverider Crash can almost kill in from the front. I've rammed Andy's SR Dendrobium mode 2 numerous times from the front and it only takes off 1/2 of the hp.
Really? It shouldn't even take down the shield.
1/2 of SRD sounds about right. I reckon it should be doing slightly less than half though. Depends on OC.

So basically Alvatore solves most of its problems by camping. People can't hit you with random shots, specs or shotguns if you're far away.