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Default 1/11 NA update

Greetings everyone,

It is our pleasure to share the details of our newest update for January 11th, 2012.

Patch Notes:

[Capsule Machine]

- Capsules No.26~30 have been added to ‘Capsule Machines’


- Following operators have been added:

a) Golden Time Operator I
b) Golden Time Operator II

- ‘Skill parts’ have been added.
- Additional paints are applied.


- PvP maps have been added:
a) A. Jungle
b) AEU Military Training Ground


- New scenario mission has been added: ‘A Baoa Qu’


- Invisible in-game clan emblems have been addressed.
- Joystick / gamepad support has been added.
- Overcustom system has been implemented.
- Various text bugs found during the month of December have been addressed.

- Capsules Machines updated: No.26, 27, 28, 29 and 3
* Price for Capsule No.20 has been adjusted: 3(before) -> 5(after)

In-game Shop Update

[Units - Rental]

Gerbera Tetra
Wing Gundam Zero
Wing Gundam
Gundam Sandrock

[Units – Permanent]


[Unit Blueprint]

Gundam (Hyper Hammer)
Cgue Deep Arms
Z’Gok E
Blue Destiny Unit-1
Gelgoog M
Qubeley Mass Production Type
Gerbera Tetra
Gundam Sandrock


Golden Time Operator I
Golden Time Operator II

[Skill Part]

New Type Awakening


Ex Ability Kit
Level Protector


Pink 2
Sky Blue 3
Paint Eraser
Blue Violet1 Set
Yellow2 set


Shining Gundam BM (AS Rank; 4 slots)
Sword Strike (AS Rank; 4 slots)
Gundam Deathscythe Hell (A Rank)
Gundam Heavy Arms Custom (A Rank)
Gundam Sandrock Custom (A Rank)
Leo Ground Type (C Rank)
Aries (C Rank)
Serpent (C Rank)
Leo Space Type (CR Rank)
Operator A (7Days)
Operator B (7Days)
Operator C (7Days)
Operator D (7Days)
Exp Pack 1000 (F) x3
Exp Pack 200 (F) x5

We thank you for your support in SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online.

Best Regards,

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