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Some might think that itís a tanky scissors for its defense stat + GN Field, guess what, you dead wrong. After that GN Field breaks, your defenses goes down like crazy. Its like the 24.3 defense is cut in half.
Overall, its still one of the tankiest if not THE tankiest scissors around.

Alvatore begins with 12000 HP, 7000/80 Shield.
Thus, when you take 8750 damage, shield breaks and you have 10250 HP.
8750 + 10250 = 19000. Not to mention the high defense it has, nor Alvaaron's GN Field. (Note : What this means, is that once Alvatore's shield breaks, it should be treated as if it has roughly 55% hp.)

Defense doesn't lower when your guard breaks btw.

The misconception that Alvatore is fragile, is because of its low HP, and also because spec deals direct HP damage. When a suit with 12000 overall HP, such as Alvatore is hit with a 2000 beam, thats a bigger chunk of its lifebar than a suit with, say, 14500, hence contributing to the feeling of being "fragile".

Comparison to Destiny, a suit with high def and shield
Destiny HP 14000, shield 1400/70
When Destiny Guards 2000 damage, shield breaks, and has 13400 HP left over. 2000 + 13400 = 15400.
Nowhere near as much as Alvatore.

Of course, as Alvatore does still have low HP, it is more vulnerable to spec than other suits.

TLDR : Alvatore is NOT fragile. It has much higher damage soaking capabilities than most suits. It is, however, somewhat vulnerable to spec.