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Default [MSoTW] [08/01 - 14/01] Alvatore

“The Golden Toilet Seat Crab Flashlight Thing”

“The Mighty Alvatore”

HP: 12.3
Attack: 21.3
Defense: 24.3
Agility: 15.6
Speed: 22.8
SP: 18.3

Reload Up:
Makes your ammo reload faster.
>Absolutely godly skill for Alvatore. All your range weaponries will now have godly reload speed.

Observer’s Ambition:
When unit health drops below 40%, Increased Search Distance, Boost Duration/Recovery, and Damage is maximized.
>The Increase of Search Distance gives you more range to lock-on to your enemy specially since most of alvatore’s weaponry are long range. The Boost Duration plus recovery increase gives alvatore some needed mobility and the maximization of damage makes all your attack hit with the highest damage alvatore can give.

The Giant Crab Arm
>4 hit melee. Does decent damage with an ok execution. Use only when needed SPECIALLY against rocks.

GN Beam Cannon
>4 Ammo Long range flashlight with MEDIUM reload. Give it reload up and it turns deadly. Watch paper without beam defense melt. Outranging papers and rocks with its high power level of 1900 makes this beam cannon super strong plus it doesn’t KD unlike most flashlights.

GN Large Fangs
>Remote weapon with 190 per shot. Has 6 ammo so if you fire all of em, it’ll be 1140.

Alvaaron Purge Mode
Attack: 21.3
Defense: 18.3
Special: 21.3
Speed: 24.6
Agility: 25.5
HP: 12.3

GN Beam Sabre.
>4 hits before knockdown. Has good vertical and horizontal range for a scissors.

GN Beam Rifle.
>6 ammo penetrating beam. Is not blocked by Paper defense (eg. Anti flashlight) but is blocked by Veteran Sniper.


Some might think that it’s a tanky scissors for its defense stat + GN Field, guess what, you dead wrong. After that GN Field breaks, your defenses goes down like crazy. Its like the 24.3 defense is cut in half. My gameplay with Alvatore is Flashlight + Funnel Spam then melee the rest. Beware, you have all beam weaponry, don’t just fire at will if you know that there is a I field/Yata No Kagami user as your enemy. Purge after your GN Field breaks then continue to spam beams. Dodging SP is almost impossible cause of the large size of Alvatore. SP counter them.


Absolutely necessary for Alvatore cause of that low HP. Lower than an A rank.

OC Attack
Gives your flashlight more power.
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