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Originally Posted by shacky
The main problem is where the patch is being downloaded from. It is generally being downloaded off your ISP Cache for faster processing.

Since I do not know how the game client downloads or uses what browser to download the patch, I got no way to force a reset on the page it downloads from. If you tried the url link that coolbluex uses on Internet Explorer, you should see a 7.87 version being shown. (Firefox will require u to download and reopen the file using Firefox again).

The way to reset is to include a /? at the end of the url. I've did the same thing for Firefox and Internet Explorer, they are showing 7.88 now, but somehow the game client is still showing 7.87. So base on this, I can say that the game client does not use the browsers to download the patch, as the moment the page resets, the ISP cache for that page also refreshes and updates to the latest content.

The reason why your brother computer gets the same thing should probably be because both of you are in the same network. It should patch normally when you are in a different network.

The probable solution would be to contact your ISP Provider to refresh the ISP Cache since you can't do it on your side. OR to wait for the ISP Cache to expire which i do not know how long it will take.

Thanks for your patience in reading this essay.

(I chose to wait for the ISP Cache to expire, expiry generally occurs weekly so if you are taking this route, you should not update the game client for a week)
I guess i will wait then, thanks for the info.