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Hey, folks.

A personal update from yours truly.

I had to partake in exit counseling for my college this semester, meaning I won't be going to college perhaps until next Fall. I'm going to use this time to focus on my job so that I may pay back an unsubsidized loan. So, as of now, I'm in a grace period of 6-months until repayment is due. I willingly will pay up to $100 a week to really shave off the total amount of this loan, so that my credit will not take a nasty hit to the groin. All else standing, I may be able to pay this off in 37 weeks.

Also, within the next month, my brother, my sister, and I will be moving into an apartment together, so that all of us may get our bearings together to further our personal goals, in which college is all apart of our agenda. During this time of absence from college, I'm going to act as financial back up. Since I still don't have a room to myself, I'm not obligated to pay rent, but if one of them falters, I'll be there to bolster it up. The three of us will split the bills; with this plan, we should be able to do this easily.

But I say this now, I do not want to take out a student loan again. That being said, I'll probably be looking for grants and scholarships like crazy. Hopefully to the point that I'll 'be paid' to go to college. I haven't been the smartest about college financial obligation (the loan in the first place, no incentives to search for grants or scholarships), but I'm wanting to turn that around.

Once Summer hits, I'll apply for the FAFSA immediately, since it pretty much restarts in the Summer. Because I'm still under the age of 23, I'm still considered a dependant, and I have to use my father's information. Based on his info alone, I get not one penny for Student Aid, nor is he supporting me in college. That being said, my main goal is the Pell Grant, which rewards up to $5,500 in aid. That alone could cover 3 semesters where I'm currently attending.

But my main focus as of now is the move to the apartment. I want to be reliable to my brother and sister, and going to college when I'm not ready for it would not be the best idea. It was a good three semesters, but the forth will have to wait for now because of my own negligence. Hopefully, I won't put myself in that situation again.


-TL;DR Version-

I made it an obligation tonight to be there for my brother and sister rather than go to college. I can't pay for that and them because of my lack of searching for financial aid. But I want to use this time to pay back a loan that paid for the last three semesters of college, so that my credit won't be tarnished.

My lack of being in college:

-allows me to focus more on work (and possibly get more hours)
-allows me to really start paying off my student loan
-allows more effort to keep a roof over our heads
-In general, it just allows more financial stability for the time being.


Now, how does this affect my attendance for role-play? Probably not much.

It doesn't take much time to make a few posts.

All I'm really doing here is telling you what's up. Just to let you know. And hopefully, all of you will wish me luck, pray for me, or whatever you do to give me good tidings for a successful future.

Best wishes and sincere love,

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