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Originally Posted by maxpayne
Mine is by parts that's why it would take somebody 4~9 days to download the whole thing. The reason that i did it by part is that it is terribly time consuming to upload a whole 1.79 GB game client.

If you want the internet to do the whole thing for you, here is the link to the whole HK client.

I sincerely apologize if i didn't meet your expectation.
o-o wha? nonono, I was saying how when I tried to patch/download the game from the hong kong site, it was taking forever. I just feel stupid cause I tried it your guys ways and I was kept failing left and right. v_v so I should be one apologizing... for my stupidity, I guess? I'm sure you're during a good job, but I'm just not computer-sazy enough to manually patch a whole game, I guess...