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Maaaaan! How long has it been since I last visited here? Good lord! 9/21/11 was my last visit? Well then...

It's good to be back! ^_^

Also I finally manage to get my Coliseum Stamina Armor Set to all +4 at the moment, going to be awhile before I can get them to +8. T_T

Anyway one of the new updates for the Korean version of LaTale is lower the level requirement for the job expansion? Sweet! I hope that reduce those quests for them too! That's just insane!

EDIT: Those are the remade maps? Granted I saw only Belos, but they really arranged the layout! And the Iris Stone look awesome now! Wait... you start off in the second area of the woods instead of the forest with the Prings? What...?

Oh there's two pinkish gateways now, one for the Pring area Forest and the Woods that lead to Elias. OK, that's cool... that makes traveling faster to cities now. Right?

And Muwen gives you a quest now? Why do they remove going into a building now for the two workmen, for Armor, Weapon, and getting your craft?

I like the Shop Icons next to the NPCs now, to show you which NPC handles which type of items to get or store to use.

Soul Breaker looks cool! And that intro video was awesome with the Soul Breaker fighting off the Demon King's minions and going at him, I think! So does that mean the Demon King kidnapped Iris at the end of the journey? Seeing as this is a complete remade LaTale.

Then again Iris was wearing a different headset.

Also where's this Demon Fang Blader attack? I like to see it!
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