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Default [SEA] Sea dragon soon?

Dragon Nest SEA 2012 New Year Message
Posted on Jan 5, 2012

2011 has been a year filled with excitement for players and the Dragon Nest (SEA) team.

Dragon Nest has enjoyed global success and has been nominated by as one of the Best PC Game in 2011.

PC - Best of 2011 - IGN

This underlines the popularity of the game and pits Dragon Nest alongside some of the heavyweight game titles. All this will not be possible without ardent Dragon Nest Fans like yourself.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to every single player who stood by Dragon Nest (SEA) through good times and bad. Thank you for your patience during maintenance periods when we had to work hard with Eyedentity to improve game stability.

Last year, we focused on launching the game and bringing new content to you within the shortest time possible. Level 40 content, which was launched in other services only after 9 months, was introduced in Dragon Nest (SEA) after a lightning quick 4 months. In addition, new Worlds were opened consecutively to cater to each and every growing gaming community.

In the upcoming new year of 2012, players can expect more excitement. Crossing into the lunar year of the Dragon, it is befitting that Dragon Nest (SEA) will unveil the first Dragon-class boss. Players can look forward to new maps, monsters and of course, new class (Academic) and 3rd Job skills!

Highlight of 2012, we will be conducting regional tournaments every single month! Winners will be flying to Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore and more.

The Dragon Nest (SEA) team will continue to strive and improve the game service. To make DN even better, keep the feedback coming.

Once again, thank you and have a blessed year in 2012.

Warm Regards,
Addison Kang
Producer, Dragon Nest (SEA)
Dayum, that was fast. And we just got level 40 barely a month ago.

Note: Lunar New Year is on Jan 23.



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