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Since that fight with the undead, he had been collecting loose bits of flesh, and possible blood, from the slain zombies. At least the ones from the others. He burned all of them to crisp, and Ahrima ended up punching them to other areas completely. In all honesty, he wanted a zombie girl pet too. Maybe if he could figure out something the samples, he could make one. Still, most of the samples were bad, since they were old. Passing a vial towards Ahrima, he could tell as she eyed it, and formed thoughts of it.

"You have some real issues. You know that? You seriously want to make your own zombie pet? What if it turns on you?" she turned her gaze to him then, he just slightly shrugged and took the vial back.

"Hey, I need a new hobby, all right? Not like much will be happening at this huge rod of sap," he was in a sour mood of sorts. No matter what he had tried lately, he couldn't find anyway to make it so he was able to read.

"Do whatever you want, Olifen. Just don't come crying to me when you become a zombie. Oh, and you should give respect to the World Tree."