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Originally Posted by suzaku0zero0
How can we see the released sets? e.g. incubus?
Ice Burners - ElWiki -> up to date and in sync with KR server

I really can't trace what date they released it in HK server

Hmmmmmmmmm so far in HK,
- Nasod Battle Armor
- El Officer
- Arch Angel
- Arch Devil
- Void Storm (Solace)
- Royal Servant
- Royal Sentinel (Velder Imperial Guard)
- Devil Hunter (Evil Tracer)
- Salvatore Denip (Dragon thingy)
- Grace Fairy / Incubus [CURRENT]
- Diamond Yaksha [unreleased]
- Royal Blood [unreleased]

BTW, only thing new in-game for this week is the compensation for old henrir equips and event from previous week still on-going.

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