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Default N> Fiction Novel to Read

ENGL 2342 Intro to Fiction

i thought about doing one of the Twilight series (Stephanie Meyer) but figured i could enjoy reading a new book.
then i decided to buy Norweigan Wood (Haruki Murakami) but after a few pages i got the a smex scene. then skimmed the book and found another. and another. and another. [never take recommendations from pervy guys.. no matter how intelligent they are.. but it is a good book] so i just cant do my final paper on a book with a lot of sex scenes.

so anybody have any recommendations?
my sister's friend recommended a book by Chuck Palahniuk and i thought about Choke (its coming to the big screen.) but the trailers is leading me to believe there's just as much sex in it as Norwegian Wood.

something.. entertaining. i like the books that i find hard to put down. (i've ended up sleeping at 5AM because of Edward Cullen... and the harry potter series)
i like romance but please no detailed sex scenes / comedic / "deep" / and muku doesnt like me listening to emo music cause he thinks it changes my mood.. so i doubt an emo book would be different.

i dont think i want to do it on any science fiction stories. just close to reality fiction. (less vampires and werewolves type of thing)
unless there's another Edward Cullen out there...
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