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"... Damn it all!"

Tiamat gasped at this sudden outburst from her friend. In another instant, the fabled six wings of the Seraph burst forth from his back. He addressed both Penemue and Tiamat:

"Rally all the Grigori to where the Utgard Yggdrasil lies, as well as any allied Nephilim and the like. Tiamat, work with King Cornelius of Banem and Queen Camilla of Nuca Yoehk to set up soldiers to guard the remaining Yggdrasil. I must see if Sin has returned to her slumber... Or if she if fulfilling her role as the gate keeper of Niflheim."

".. R-right... I'll... Contact the others..."

"...I will gather the Grand Dragons and the Ploshast Elites, as well as other Retainers...I will even retrieve the help from other dragonic creatures. You will not be disappointed," The Dragon Queen finally spoke forth after a pause to gaze at her friend's countenance. The immaculate was replaced with an intense and stark complexion, the seriousness in his tone reflecting just the same.

"The situation is as grave as his expression," Tiamat thought to herself...


Three days later...

And Tiamat did as such.

At each Yggdrasil, there was a fraction of the Ploshast army, both land and sky units. In particular, at the one Yggdrasil in the Forest of Lost Souls, there was a variety of dragonic creatures around: swift-winged amphipteres, lumbering basilisks, beautiful coatyls, slithering wyrms, stoic Arctic dragons, elegant Eastern dragons, hideous hydras - ranging from three heads (the cerberus hydra) to nine - rowdy wyverns, bounding drake packs, and finally, the graceful Grand Dragons, ancient and almost unworldly creatures. If there were any doubts of Ploshast's power, or any thoughts that their armies consisted mainly of Dragonkin, one would only need to look at this wonderful, thrilling, frightening sight to dispel such thoughts. And for all of these creatures to be united under one banner - the date palm and the butterfly - it was clear that Tiamat was indeed the Queen of Dragons.

The various creatures took their places among the Yggdrasil premises, growling and bellowing among themselves until Tiamat herself gave the multitude a stern look. The ones that saw got the attention of others, noting the urgency in her gaze, and eventually all of the dragon species quieted down, watching her gesture toward Ferre and announcing in a dragonic tongue to lend her dearest friend their ears and give him the respect he deserves. She said nothing else, and stood behind Ferre faithfully.

And all of them silenced themselves, even the larger-than-life Grand Dragons. To Finir, this was powerful and amazing to see for himself, and a proud tear escaped from one inferno.

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