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All he wanted was some peace and quite so he could read "Eternal Rest." For the thirty-sixth time. But it wasn't just for enjoyment. Rather, it was for eye-coordination, to better his vision and identification of minute details with just a glance.

But no. There was the ruckus:

"Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy! -- It's so shiny, can I seeee-"

"No, get away you- Noooo, my wand, stop that!!"

"Hey Antonio, look at this!"

Fwip~! Bdingaliding~!!!

An irritated growl escaped from the young scholar, biting down slightly on his bottom lip in frustration. He clicked his boots together two times as he pondered why he came here.

"Ohhhh boy. You've done it now... You're soooooo screwed."

"Oh, It. IS. ON."

"So very screwed."

He drank his wine, clearly irked as the Giantess bartender looked at her employer, asking the OK for throwing mugs.

"You know what? Fine," Desta suddenly piped up, slamming his own glass onto the counter. careful enough not to shatter it. He spun sharply around on the stool he perched on, placing one leg atop the other in an irritated relaxation. His cylinder shimmered under his left arm as he propped his elbows onto the bar behind him, his Composite Shield leaned onto the side of the stool.

"I shouldn't have expected quietude in a pub. I'll have to read this later..." He closed the book and tossed on the surface of the bar, then propped his cheek in his right hand.

Eventually, though, a smile appeared on his face. "Now, this will be interesting. I bet on the girl!"

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