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Default Is Elsword's block's upgrade better?

for those who are really good with Elsword's block

If u upgrade Elsword to Sheath, will u put SPs in his 'Compact Counter'?

I ask this cuz if u use normal block, there is no cool down, where as if u upgrade it to 'Compact Counter' there will be a 5 seconds cool down. Compact Counter - ElWiki

In my 4 days of Elsword, I have found block to be really useful in pvp, annoys the heck out of opponents. I personally do not think its worth the upgrade if there is a cool down, Especially if the opponents have 'Counter Chance'.

what do u think and what is ur opinion?

Edit: Off topic: in Elwiki it says
Even if you never successfully blocked, you will still swing your swords
anyone have any idea if it mean the swords still does damage to people it hits during their swing?
If it does, it might be used as an offense and would be a different story

Elsword Sheath Skill Tree:

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