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Inside the lighthouse, Monte, Elena, and Gilbert were waiting in a corner, ready to scare the living daylights out of someone. Last night, Gilbert suggested that they "haunt" the lighthouse of Port Cobh. Elena added that they should paint all the windows and lights inside black, so it's pitch dark. It would be easy to scare people, and the fact that the beacon at the top would be blocked would surely bring in tons of potential prey, attempting to find out what's wrong.

And so, in the middle of the night, Monte stole a pail of black paint and a paint brush. They sneaked into the lighthouse, and started painting all the windows black, removing any light sources inside. Before Monte put out the beacon, Gilbert wanted to make it creepier, and wanted to bring some seaweed to smear on the walls to make it slimy. After a midnight dip in the water, Monte brought huge globs of seaweed in the lighthouse, slopping it everywhere. The walls were sticky and slimy, it was hard to see, and the floor was now slippery with seaweed.

Putting the beacon out, they hid somewhere, and waited. They had a handful of guests entering the lighthouse, completely confused by what happened. Some of them slipped on the stairs, and the trio had to stifle their laughter. They made some unnatural noises, with classic ghost moans, scaring most of the guests off. There was one person brave enough to head to the top, but Monte popped out and frightened him, sending him tumbling down the stairs and running off. Throughout the night, they could hear their bewildered and unnerved guests talking to each other, saying the lighthouse was haunted.

Morning had come, and now they were waiting for more.