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Originally Posted by xShadowKingx
PHAIL even harder for phailing to provide pics!
And guess what, i lived after that to gloat at you through guild chat >.>
And wahhh are we still planning on making a Pantsu guild? D=

EDIT: Oh and air wall isnt even that strong >.>
Due to Dr Red's ability to heal the enemies, the mobs hardly took any dmg from air wall.
oh and as you see, just before the screenshot, Dr Red gave me an HP recov + buff and if you were ever buffed by that skill then you would know how fast your hp becomes full in like 4-5 secs, so yeaaaa i lived.

EDIT:EDIT: I Lol'ed when i read the chat, it looked like you found the bat soul urn and told everyone how everyone had a soul urn but you, then BAMMM you found one, looked like you held it in :3
Yeah, it was funny how i found a soul urn almost right after i said that

and even though air wall isnt that strong, it;s still a cheap attack that gains easy combos which was what i was trying to point out , especially since u were probably only using air wall and windmill

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