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Default Echoes of Our Paradise

OOC Thread

Be such a man, and live such a life, that if every man were such as you, and every life a life like yours, this earth would be God's Paradise.

Ah, to think how thin the veil that lies Between the pain of hell and Paradise.

Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.

A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell!
An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise.

As memory may be a paradise from which we cannot be driven, it may also be a hell from which we cannot escape.

"Paradise is open to all kinds of hearts."


Many years ago...

Now fall and let yourself go, now sublimate
Now live and slip into bliss, now hibernate

In my hands I hold the seeds of hope
Great joy fills our hearts as our salvation breathes life once more
The fate of this fading world has fallen on my shoulders
A priest of El Elyon was the one who gave me this task
A priest of the one true "God" as he would say

My fate is the fate of this world, my death is the death of this world

"Enoch! Enoch, where are you!?" the angelic boy called his friend's name through the harsh, dry, winds. He could taste the sand in his mouth, but it mattered not at this point. This town... Lyushar, was ruined. All around him were still breathing bodies however the people lay. Almost as if they were dead. The angel feared for his friend, and could only hope that his friend wasn't like the others in the town. Was he too late? Or did Enoch escape?... No, Enoch would have stayed for the seeds he planted. The angel swallowed hard; his throat parched, yearning for water. As he turned to head into the temple he and Enoch stayed in, distant singing reached his ears. At that moment it felt almost as though his soul wanted to pull itself away from his flesh.

A bird of brilliant colours stands before me
Remarkable plumes drift to my feet
And that signaled the coming dusk

Everyday I water these seeds and pour my prayers into them
With each day I greet it with happiness
And with each night dismiss it with fatigue
But even so I will keep nourishing these seeds
Because it was me who was given this quest

A bird of brilliant colours hops towards me
An unfamiliar scent hangs in the air faintly
And that signaled the coming dawn

Now breathe and surrender it- your precious life
Now choke and give into it- the wish of death

"Enoch?..." the angel stopped in his tracks, now looking around to see if there was any hint for the source of the haunting song. It definitely wasn't coming from inside the temple... Perhaps the hilltop where...

Many moons have passed since I began this task
Many of these seeds have perished from harsh weather
Or from the inhumanity of others
Yet I continue to work towards my goal
To take care of what seeds remain

A bird of brilliant colours caws harshly at me
The musky scent of death hangs high in the air
And that signaled the coming dusk

As the moon's cycles changed people changed
They are losing their hope and are falling into despair
They are losing their humanity; robbing and murdering others
Yet there is nothing I can do myself about this
Besides taking care of what seeds remain

The angel slowly began to walk towards the center of the dead town, crushing a few shards of fallen pottery beneath his sandals but paying no heed to anything at all besides to the song. Soon enough that walk became a jog, and then a sprint. He tripped a few times along the way, even skidding a tad on the dead earth as he make turns here and there.

A bird of brilliant colours pecked at me
It then devoured one of the seeds of hope
And that signaled the unending night

Now come on and be renewed- Resurrection
Now stand up and cheer- Eternal eden

Soon enough, those negative emotions
Began to flow into my heart in turn
But I will endure and fight off the corruption
And take care of these seeds that remain

I believe in the tales my mother told me
And the hope my father gave to me
My heart only grows stronger now
Yet even that couldn't block off my despair

This forbidden lust in my heart rages on
This horrendous anger is shaking my thoughts
The happiness of the eternal world...

One without life and death

The bird of corruption escaped from me
Taking with it one of the seeds of hope
The neverending night is freezing my bones

Demons of corruption...
Wrapping around me...

The bird of corruption returned to these seeds
Scrambling to steal even more seeds from me
The neverending night is mortifying me

Partaking in pleasures of the flesh
Everyone has lost hope and only wait on destruction
Drowning themselves in alcoholic drinks
And many other unspeakable things...

The bird of corruption devours all these seeds
Laughing in my face as I beg it to stop
The neverending night is strangling me

Desperately I reach out for my fading dreams
Yet I feel even my own hope is escaping from my grasp

Demons and evil spirits becon and shake the world
The world is ripped asunder, the waters fade entirely from this world
Soon they will turn to the people once they exhaust this land
And start to devour their flesh and bones

The bird of corruption is long gone now
It had devoured all the seeds I had planted in the sand
The neverending night is destroying me...

Cries of pain and roars of hatred sound through the land
The people are helpless as the demons come forth
And rip their flesh from their bones and shred them to pieces
They have all come back to me now, begging for peace

The raging waves of lust and hate shake in my heart
I've been distorted from what I had been long ago
After these one thousand days and nights the moon
Hangs in the sky for eternity

Oh, the heart wishing for Paradise is tainted with grudges...
My hope is long gone now, all that's left is hatred

Finally after what felt to be an eternity the angel had made it to a tall hill that stood in the middle of town. Bodies of mercenaries and ruffians surrounded the bloodied up child who sat on the ground, battered hands deep in the soil of the hill. Dried tears lay set on the boy's cheeks, his clothing torn, dirtied, and bloody. Bruises and cuts ran up his arms and legs... It broke the angel's heart to see his dear friend in such a state.

The lyrics of this song turn to coils and resound like the midnight's warcry
The voice of darkness echoes throughout the land
A flock of men wage war without reason, crawling with lust
Ravaging what is left of this dying world

Oh, hundreds of crazed demons, destroy everything!
Oh evil spirits and gods whose hearts overflow with hatred
Tear these wretched fools to pieces, let their blood spill!
Give no mercy and bring down your wrath on these pathetic beasts

The blade of baptism was swung; each and every person was beheaded

As the song progressed more and more, the angel felt himself becoming light-headed.
This is song magic... So the elderly man was not lying when he said that this child had been born with the powers of the angels... But for a human vessel to withstand the cosmos energy demand for this... The angel thought to himself as he brought himself a few more steps forwards to the boy singing out of his despair. If he didn't do something now, then he himself would become sublimated just as the inhabitants of the village.

The bird of corruption now sleeps, plump from it's feast
The daybreak will never come, the bird will never wake
The one thousandth night is eternal

I have no desire to sow these seeds anymore
What will happen to this world? It matters not
A paradise where life nor death exist...
Yes, that is what I shall create to silence you all.

Be led to divinity and leave your flesh
You don't have to hesitate, surely paradise exists
So sublimate yourselves and take flight
Turn to dust and ascend...


The child stopped midway in his song and slowly turned his head over to the angel. Upon closer inspection black strands of hair clung to the boy's face from blood and tears. The child forced a weak smile, but the sorrow and pain was all too apparent in his sunset eyes... Fresh tears began to roll down the boy's cheeks as the smile faded... The angel rushed to the boy's side, the child saying one last thing before grabbing the child by his shoulders, "I'm sorry, Ferre."


A few years later...

Life was sort of good in the city of Azzarea compared to the rest of the land.

"Come get your animals here! I got goat, oxen, doves... Lots of doves! Cheap cheap cheap!"

"I have fine fabrics and jewels from distant lands! I'm sure they'd look simply lovely on you, Miss!"

Shiri, with her pot underneath her arm, walked through the marketplace of Azzarea. She was free to do whatever she pleased now, at least until the sun was at it's highest point in the sky. All around her people were looking for consumers to buy their wares, even if it meant conning someone of their gold or whatever it is they trade. Shiri could only scoff when she saw some unfortunate woman fall for the ploys of the man selling the so-called 'fine fabrics and jewels from distant lands'. To the trained eye of someone who's been around, they could easily tell they were fake. With a fit of annoyance, Shiri huffed and hurriedly made her way to where the river ran through the city. Hopefully it hasn't shrunk much more from the last time her caravan had come here, what with the drought...

Her life was a simple one that involved travelling, but they always returned to this one city at least three times a year. The river was a valuable resource to everyone in the land even more-so with the drought however it was only a matter of time before the river dried up like the many, smaller river branches that used to grace the once rich land. Now the land was drying up into vast desert-like regions and it was becoming harder to not only find water, but also food. Travelling was becoming much more harsh on those who travelled in the caravan with her due to food becoming more scarce; animals moving to areas with resources and water bodies drying up. Some of the older members claim it is the end of their world as they know it, but there had to be some way to escape from this. To rewrite the fate of death for all those who lived in the worlds... It reminded her of the folktales of the boy who tried to grow a seed that would nourish the dying land.


Two strange characters were sitting around the general area of the nameless river. They both wore white robes, like those of Egypt, yet besides that looked like they were native to the area. The taller of the two had short cut black hair and dark brown eyes... Perhaps even crimson? It was hard to tell under the shadow of his hood. Judging from the circles under his eyes, he most likely was sleep deprived. Over his shoulder he carried a simple bag; at his hip, a sword was strapped to his side. His calloused hands were garbed in worn leather gloves. The shorter of the pair had somewhat longer hair, but it was cropped at his chin. His eyes were wrapped in bandages much like the material of their robes, and a few scars are hinted at at the edge from the bandage... Perhaps he was blind? They were both male, but adolescents at most.

The taller of the two grunted as he kicked at the sand with his right foot in slight annoyance. "The river's shrunk even more from the last month..."

"Oh, really?" the shorter of the two tilted his head slightly, "I failed to notice."

The taller of the pair gave his friend a incredulous look before muttering, "... I... see..."

"Says the blind man to the deaf man," his friend said simply.

The taller, older looking boy of the pair gave his friend a strange stare before bringing his palm to his face and shaking his head, "... Any ways, you remember what business we have here, correct?"

"Um..." The blind one of the two stopped to think for a moment before snapping his fingers, "Oh right! We were going to get food and water! Right?... Right!?"

"... I... Suppose so. We were actually going to look for an angel who is said to be moving through this area and a seer who travels with a caravan, but I suppose food and water is also an important thing to get..."

The short of the duo pouted a bit, "Well... Of course! You don't really need food or water because of what you are... But without it, I'm dead. I am human, after all!"

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