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Emilio snatched up the girl from behind Finir and grazed his wings, giving him a shiver.

"Shut your wh*re mouth you searat!"

"Pfft!" Nimi was more amused by the snark backlash than offended...if offended at all. "Sea rat! That's the best immortali-tough jaw here has?!" Finir rolled his eyes with an unamused expression, walking along slightly behind Penemue, as he called himself. "He must be blind, too. I don't even have a mouth." She silenced herself with that, after Finir shot her a glare.

A tired Anna pointed Ferre out to the newcomer, in which he congratulated her for being "smarter" than the others. Opinions, opinions, the Dragonkin thought to himself, crossing his arms with a great yawn. He figured now he was tired. Guess the battle wore him out more than he anticipated. A younger self would've retorted that arrogant remark, defend himself against something meaningless, trying to prove he was indeed 'smart' as well. That's what immature people do; they are just children, always moving and acting, trying to prove something to a society that could really care less and that, in the grand scheme of things, really didn't matter in the end.

Elementals were of a chaotic sort to begin with, and Nimi was no exception with her own behavior. On their own, they do not care about the feelings or opinions of others, but when subjugated, as Finir has done with this Water Elemental, his opinion is the only one she gives a damn about. It was one thing for some complete stranger like this Grigori to call an elemental names. It was another thing to hear it from its master - from Finir, in this case.

Anna and Drake wished for sleep, and the azure dragon was right there with them on that. He let out yet another yawn, furrowing his upper lip to reveal those wickedly serrated fangs, as black as his claws and horns. It was more of a dragonic howl than anything.

"I wanna sleep. I wanna eat and sleep."

"Sleep sounds pretty good right about now. I dunno about you guys but I think I'm gonna go sleep for a good twelve hours before we go further into this investigation. I'm beat."

"We've certainly earned it today," Finir said, sitting down with his legs crossed. Even the subsiding heat from the sand seemed to coax him into dream land, but a peaceful sleep in the middle of this carnage would be...well...strange.

"We do have a hell of a lot of cleaning up to do tomorrow though...As for what we will do with the child...I guess I could keep an eye on it. It's the least I can do so you three can enjoy yourselves a good rest."


"Lucifer, I have a message from Samyaza. Kokabiel was attacked, and the Midgard Yggdrasil has been severely damaged," Penemue reported.

Tiamat knew it...

Everyone gathered here to be occupied while the Yggdrasil was attacked. Diasee may be desperate, she thought, but that didn't make it any less crafty. With no one adequate to protect these sacred branches, it would be a matter of time before...

She kept her composure at this disastrous news, slightly biting at the top of her jaw as a twinge of self-guilt was seen strewn across her face. She could have done something, she thinks. She could have alleviated the damage had she stationed troops at that Yggdrasil, had she sent in a few Grand Dragons to act as its sentinels. Tiamat couldn't help but think that, as a guardian of life itself, she had failed to protect those sacred branches.

She couldn't help but shed tears...

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