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Originally Posted by maxpayne
Sorry i don't really know the term "master" set but i do seem to have a grasp of what you are saying here

Hmmmm, 2 types of lvl 44 equips that can be crafted at belder (vvvvvvelder):

Old lvl 44 equip:
- image is denoted as to be the same as the lvl 36/38 crafted equips
- does not need seal to be traded (for purple and unique)
- can be equipped by 1st and 2nd Job class
- has no physical/magical attack stat added??

New lvl 44 equip:
- badass looking image
- purple (5 seal attempts, purple seal) and unique ( 1 seal attempt, beige seal) needs to be sealed for trading purposes
- can only be equipped by 2nd Job class
- has physical/magical attack stat added??

Unique = 4 socket slots and slightly weaker stats than purple
Purple = 3 socket slots and has the highest stat on all crafted equipment types

Make a Unique Old lvl 44 equipment since it can be sold right away whenever you don't need it, you have 4 socket slots on it and stats are the same with the New lvl 44 equipment

Forgot something with SD sets .......

2X equip = focused on defensive stat and elemental resistance; highest defense stat compared to all SD equips
3X equip = focuses on critical stat with a little bit of aspd ; lowest defense stat and highest attack rating among all equips
4X equip = main focus is on aspd and movement/jump speed; normal defense and offense stat
5X equip = focuses on add dmg and reduce dmg status; same defense and offensive stat as 4X equips

From what i've noticed, the difference between 4X and 5X equips would be on their stat effects. 4X mainly gearing up a little bit of the defensive play while 5X adds a little of offensive play set.

The rumor that i have heard is that NA would be getting the final revision of Henrir Construction (with level 60 equip) and revamped SD (with 5X and level 60 equips) all in one go

Oh yeah, heads up with "Eye of Prodigy" since NA will be getting the event dungeon sooner
getting the unique parts in those lvl 44(already tried 10 times still didn't get at least one)...
Looks like a Devil's luck is needed for that..@_@

Read about the SD sets, I'll go for the 3-x set though bone dragon is a pain... QQ

anyways, thanks for this info.