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IGN: Nasu Kha
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Level: 60
Guild: Rapscallions
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RP: Echoes of Our Paradise

Name: Rune
Age: ?? (goddamn old)
Gender: Male
Race: Cthulhi (star-spawn of Cthulhu)
Height: 5'11" (humanoid form), 9'5" (true form)
Weight: Well over 500 lbs.
Eyes: Amber, with light-blue sunburst (humanoid form), green-brown (true form)
Hair: Mid-short brown hair, brushed back away from the face (humanoid form), No hair (true form)

Notes: A master in the Chinese form of pottery.

Appearance: In this particular time, Rune can regularly be seen sporting the clothes he's gathered along his travels. A traditional olive green Grecian toga, black loose fitting short pants from England (come down to the middle of his shins), leather sandals from Morocco, and a traditional straw sun hat from China. He carries a large pot strapped to his back.

Notable flaws in his human form include the following: he has the teeth of a carnivore rather than an omnivore (all his teeth come to sharp points, much like a wolf or a shark); his flesh is cool to the touch (cthulhi are cold-blooded); and his hair, which appears normal (even up close), is actually microscopic tentacles, so he has full motor-function of each individual strand;

Personality/Character: A very relaxed, fun-loving individual. After many millennia of servitude under the elder god Cthulhu, all Rune wants is a peaceful life amongst his friends. Really likes to joke, and has a sarcastic (slightly sick, sometimes dark) sense of humor. Hates wearing hats, because he can feel them rubbing on every tentacle. Looser hats, like his sun hat, are less problematic.

History: Having spent many years traveling the world, and learning new trades, Rune finally settled in China to learn pottery. After some time, he began to travel the world to spread the pottery to unreached regions. He started in Europe, worked his way across the sea to Morocco, and wandered even further into the Middle East, where he is located now.

Special Abilities and Magic: Ability to transform. Unable to die of old age or sickness, the only way Rune can truly die is if a mortal wound is inflicted on him. Rune also has telepathy (described in the Cthulhu Mythos as "psychic emanations"). He has incredible physical strength. He tends to say that he doesn't know any magic other than basic water magic, but that could just be a lie to get people off of his back. He is an ancient, after all.

Equipment: Carries a large, lidded pot strapped to his back. What could be inside that pot, I wonder?