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Originally Posted by maxpayne

In my opinion, if you can party well enough through levels 24~40 you can have "crap" equipment with you until you have the Altera set (34-36-38) then if you have good friends or a willing "strong" member in the guild, you can go for the Nasod MK-2 Armors (2X SD set) since:

Nasod MK-2 Upper = 4 coins
Nasod MK-2 Lower = 3 coins
Nasod MK-2 Glove = 2 coins
Nasod MK-2 Shoe = 1 coin

That's level 40 already and will take you about 4 (minimum) to 10 days to get the coins.

On the other hand, if you only solo at levels 24~32 i suggest you take the Chief set (22-24-26) if your class is on the "magic" tier or the Miner set (26-28-30) if your class is "physical" attuned.

Not much to say with the Black Crow set (30-32-34), decent stats BTW, but seeing to it that leveling from 30~34 will be so easy (due to epic quests, partying and not to mention the exp ratio of that level range is terribly low meaning you can level extremely easy within the span of 4~6 hours) you can start and find materials for Altera set since it is extremely good until level 44.

SD Basic Armor level ranges as well as minimum level of entry....

2x armors = level 40
3x armors = level 45
4x armors = level 50
5x armors = level 56
Thanks. I'll take a note about this one..

another question, i read somewhere that another recommended set is the master set and it can be crafted at velder blacksmith. Is master set really that good?