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Guild: None

Name: Tamar
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Race: Nephilim - Bipedal Dragon
Occupation: Seeker
Height: 6'7'' (200.66cm)
Weight: 271 lbs. (122.92kg)
Eyes: Bright Yellow
Hair (Mane): Snowy Blue
Notes: Often seen cloaked all around, concealing her face with a bronze mask revealing only the fullness of her eyes, two downward slits in her cloak for her wings in absolute emergencies, long sleeves to cover her retracted claws, and a wide, regal gown to allow her hooves and tail ample hiding space. The most notable attire is the necklace worn, the centerpiece of it being occupied by a large, glass butterfly.

Appearance: This dragoness is donned in a light, turquoise armor of scales, reflecting even the slightest light off of her form. Tall and regal, her braided and beaded mane flares from her forehead down the length of her back to the mid-tail. She has an even, overbite maw, revealing only her serrated teeth when she speaks, else her countenance thereof is welcoming.
Two midnight blue horns crest and arch downward from the back of her head, and smaller horns adorn her head like a crown. Her eyes, though piercing from the usual narrow irises, are even and gaze without prejudice.
Her retractable hoof and toe claws sport the same midnight blue tint as her crest horns, as well as the slender needle protruding from the tip of her tail. Her wings are of a mixture of feathers and membrane, as if she were the offspring of an angel and a demon, their traits evenly commingling in the design. Her form is supple and acrobatic with fair breasts.

Personality/Character: Benevolent to a fault, Tamar tries to see the best in even the most downtrodden and lowly of ponies, but stands firm on the belief that there is a threshold of morality that must be maintained. She says nothing of the right or wrong of habits, but only compliments how interesting the subject is, and may even ask a few questions. For the ones she cares for, she places herself to carry the load of their burdens, which may put her in the position of taking on too much at a time. She is a Seeker of Truth, wandering in search for salvation, and hoping she may bring others hanging by her skirts to blissful eternity.

History: The little information known about this spectral being is that she was indeed born from one of the Watchers interbreeding with pony females. A rumor states that she despised the way she looked, being not even similar in appearance to her mother or father, and as a result wanders the land in search for her own salvation from her cursed body. Another rumor states she took it upon herself to be Death's envoy and travels the land to lead the dying to eternal rest, collecting souls until her business above ground was done. The cloak protected her from being set on fire. Whether these rumors are true or not, no one truly knows the motives of this silent, yet surprisingly charitable apparition...

Equipment: Acolyte's staff, adorned with the emblem of the Watcher she was born from. The emblem is in the form of a symmetrical palm tree. The outer perimeter of the circular emblem is adorned with spikes for close combat.

Abilities: Manipulates cosmos to uplift the spirits of others around her, as well as soothe the wounds sustained in battle. Cosmos wielded in the form of Light to purge her enemies.

Random quirks?:
-Her roars and speech are accompanied by various ringing sounds, their pitch in accordance with her mood.
-The butterfly pendant glows along with her emblem staff when casting.
-Hides in shrubbery or trees to sleep in camouflage.
-Her name, "Tamar," means "palm tree" in Hebrew, which is the emblem carved upon her staff.

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