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Originally Posted by KirovReporting
top 3 whip length?
iuno, seeing T3, noir, norris are all the same
wondering if epyon is also the same
T3 is probably longest, never bothered to measure the others but this IS norris so it IS top 3 since you said its the same as t3...

Originally Posted by Zahlzeit
Honestly I'd say Bullet Zero is worse than Control Shock. You can just easily jump upwards to avoid someone who has control shocked you or at least not panic. Either way, the situation has not really changed much unless you hit multiple people (is this possible?).
Bullet Zero screws up Papers big time no matter what as well as rock players who rely too much on their w3.

Edit: I think I have a friend who wants to get this.How easy is "The Shuddering Mountain (Part 1)" Expert anyway?
1 - It depends on the situation. Even if you bullit zeroed a guy, he still can run like hell. But with CS there is a big chance that he might run into a building and then, GG. With a team with you, the CS gets even worse. Besides, who the hell shoots while they are CSed anyway so they might as well be bullit zeroed as well.

2 - It is with a long whip and Norris has a long whip

3 -