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Default 00 Quan[T]

00Quan[T] by KirovReporting

The latest quantization suit to join the ranks. Despite poopular belief, it came out as scissors. Not much people had a problem with that though, only on the first few days did people fret.

Nothing too special except for a high attack stat in mode 2, along with a low defense to make up for it.
Yes, you have that site, I just comment.


Mode 1

W1: GN Sword V: 4 hit kd slash. Not exactly ground-sweeping or wide or anything, but it is fast. But you have the option in Mode 2, so...

W2: GN Sword V: A beam rifle. Seems a bit low on damage, you have mode 2 anyways, and it complements mode 2 well while it is in reload...and vice-versa. 00Q was never known for its reload rates.

W3: GN Sword Bits: Melee funnels, simply put. They home in at the target, and they poke at it madly. You just watch the target try to run away desperately, then you realize you cannot use R. Well, it helps out in several situations, especially ones with I-field that you cannot get near in any way. Mode 2 is good, but these bits aren't to be underestimated eithor. Just watch out for funnel-destroying or funnel-controlling suits.

Mode 2

W1: GN Sword V(Buster Sword): One, big, wide, slash. Long reach btw. It has a reload, despite being melee, but it hurts, and it's only self-defense anyways. But it hurts, hurts a lot. Having no melee boost simply makes it much more easy to use

W2: GN Sword V(Buster Rifle): A beam bazooka that hurts a lot. 5 shots straight, but rather slow reload. If you have good ammo control that should not trouble you much. However, this IS 00Q's main weapon, and is its most abused one. It hurts like hell, and I think you should slap papers in the face with this whenever possible. No immobility, and blocked by veteran sniper if i recall correctly.


The usual trans-am. Mob up, boost up. Simply awesome.

True Innovator
Same as 00R without the booster bit. While it is much harder to maintain these days, quantization is still good, and you get a radar as a bonus. Awesome.

Melee spec, Beam spec, kudos if you get to use eithor one, especially the melee one.

ALL-ATK if you want to hit like bricks
HP/ATK if you want to hit hard but also care about your skill hp requirements
Eithor way, you should focus on hitting hard

Despite being nerfed in more than a few ways, it is still a powerful suit, and ranks as one of the best scissors still. Its reload may be nerfed, but its damage still remains, and quantizations is quantization regardless of SP usage. Not to mention the sword bits hurt. The sword hurts more, especially the big one. The skill set is one that many suits yearn for. It is also very mobile, which is not something you want from your foe. Its not that it is a suit without counters, but it is a suit that can bring tears to your eyes if you are not prepared for it. Face it with caution, use at your pleasure.

Play tips
-Learn to maintain skill 2
As with 00R, the true talent in playing this suit is shown by "how well you manage sp". While some people simply get to use quantizations as a one-time evacuation measure, others can keep that skill 2 on for a really long time, and I don't mean by not getting hit. Learn to do damage, lots of it, and in an efficient way. More damage, more sp, more quantization.
-Know your sword timing
Sword bits, buster sword, both of them. Find out, figure out, what situations you need what. Both have penalties and both are beyond handy. Find out the most appropriate usage timing, and you will have a very versatile suit in your hands.
-Hold the line
I never thought I'd have to say this, but you aren't setsuna. Point made. Do I need to explain how to hold the line?
00R's skill 2 is quantization, but it also gives the trans-am effect. However, 00Q has a trans-am separately, and is red whenever skill 1 is on. Unfortunately, more than several people aren't fully aware of this, and often mistake a 00Q with only trans-am to also have quantization. While it sounds stupid, it can also be used to your advantage. See what I am getting at? If you played poker more or less seriously, then you should. It is a darn neat trick.
-You cannot quantize when attacking
That includes sword bits. Can't even count how many people actually fail to figure this out.

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