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Default [MSoTW] [CB] Gouf Norris Custom (StrykerX)

Gouf Norris Custom by StrykerX

MSotW *Christmas Bash!!*
MS-07B-3 "Norris Packard's 'This is no Zaku boy!' Custom"

"THIS IS NO ZAKU BOY!" I know Chuck Norris Packard didn't say that but it applies as well so.....meh. The Norris Packard version of the Gouf Custom is pretty much a ramped up version of the original Gouf Custom(The B rank). It also has a one of a kind weapon, making it one of the more unique suits in the game.

Suit HP ------- 12.9
Attack ------- 16.8
Defence ------- 15.3
Special ------- 15.3
Agility ------- 18.6
Speed ------- 19.2
Overall ------- 98.1

The stats are pretty impressive for a B rank especially in terms of speed and agility, surpassing even some A ranks. Making this one of the higher end B rocks and more than able to handle A ranks and some S ranks as well.

Shields: Left Arm
Movement type: Walking


Weapon 1

Heat Sword
Damage: 1080
Range: 800
Ammo Count: N/A
Reload: N/A

A very good 5 hit melee combo that is fast, cancels well and has decent reach despite the shortness of the heat sword itself. The damage is also a little higher than standard B rank rocks which have melee weapons with 900-1000 damage. Definitely one of the better melee weapons a B rank can have.

Weapon 2

Gatling Shield
Damage: 200 x 3 (When moving), 200 x 10(when stationary)
Range: 2400
Ammo Count: 30
Reload: 3 seconds/clip

Your one and only ranged weapon, the gatling shield functions rather well as a mid range offensive weapon as it does a very decent amount of damage and has a very good fire rate comparable to that of Launcher Strike or Blue 2nd L Lohengrin. Furthermore, the 3 second reload on the clip allows you to spam this alot. Fires 3 shots while moving and 10 shots while standing still/jumping.

Weapon 3

Damage: 200 x 9
Range: ???
Ammo Count: 1
Reload: 19 seconds

The fore mentioned unique weapon. A whip with decent damage and length which is probably in the top 3 of whip lengths. The uniqueness about this weapon is that instead of bullet zero-ing your target, this gives control shock which makes it even more annoying. The usual way to use this is to use the whip to catch, then melee or to whip and spam gatlings while your enemy is control shocked.

Weapon 4

Special Attack - Melee SP

Veteran Infighter
The unit's defense against long-range weapons is greatly increased and the unit requires an additional hit to knock down.

A useful skill for any rock suit to have. Since SoftMax keep churning out those flashlight suits like cheap family sedans. Having this skill means that you wont need to fear those flashlights and long range beams as it almost completely nullifies the damage. Be careful though, the increased knockdown value means that all suits can score one additional melee hit on you before you get knocked down. That includes tackle suits. And believe me, a double body slam hurts, bad.

Soldier's Pride
When the unit's health drops below 50%, the unit's attack, movement speed, boost speed, and agility are increased. However, the unit's defense is decreased.

A very good skill to have on any suit. But only this suit has it. The description says increased, but the attack boost from this is freakish by skill standards. It trumps S Zeta's skill 2 in terms of attack boost and makes you hit like the frickin death star. "A soldier's pride is to die in battle" and fittingly, this skill makes you easier to kill though not by much. The defence penalty is barely noticeable as the extra mobility lets you dodge fire more easily.

Custom Builds
-Full ATK
Gatling spam build. With this, your gatlings will hurt like hell. Only downside of this build is that you will have less speed for melee situations. Forcing you to adopt a more ranged and less melee-centric playstyle.

General B rank rock build. Recommended over the others as it gives you a better ability for positioning yourself which is very important on a rock suit and extra melee capability.

Not recommended for any B rank or C rank unless its a tanker. And "This is no Zaku boy" Custom IS NO TANK. Yes, some people use this build to counteract the defence penalty from Soldier's Pride but on balance, it is still less useful compared to the other two builds mentioned.

OC simulator:

General Strategy
Your role in Gouf Custom is either as the vanguard or the guy who hides behind and rains lead on the enemy. Gouf Custom tackles both roles well but it would be advisable to switch it up a little to keep everyone guessing. Try to stay as low as possible early game as you would not have veteran infighter to protect you from all those flashlights and you dont have any long range weapons anyway so you do not need to go anywhere high except for a quick peek at the battlefield. Once in range, you can either rush in and melee or just stay at mid range and spam your gatlings. Use your whip to counter melee and to initiate melee and try not to hover for too long as this exposes you to enemy fire.