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Default [MSoTW] [CB] BD2 (Ao)

BD2 by Ao

Blue Destiny Unit 2
Today I will be writing on my favourite B rank rock, it looks something like this.

The stats are shown below in grid format. If you want the exam numbers, please refer to olgame.


This is the standard rock build, it works very well for BD2. I would acutally say that it is the best possible build for this suit. It grants it amazing mobility while giving BD2 an insane amount of damage.

I honestly do not recomend agility, its not useful enough for you to pump several custom points in.

Full Atk
This is if you use BD2 like a scissors, and only like a scissors. I also do not recomend this build.

Overcustom EX.
Attack or movement speed works best here, as attack would just increase that, while speed would max itself. Personally, I'm a freak for mobility, and decided to use my EX on agility. I personally find that this very slightly increases the boost startup time. I dont recomend booster recovery up because booster extension already increases your booster recovery speed to a point where you dont really need it.

Weapon Evaluation

Weapon 1
This is your standard beam sabre. Its an amazingly quick, and has standard range for the rank and type. The damage is also standard, at 1080. The cancel is quick and agile.
Weapon 2
This is an amazing beam rifle that is unmatched amoung other B ranked rocks. Its amazingly fast and high damage. The co-efficient is 1300. This is the suits selling point.
Weapon 3
The third weapon can also be quite a good weapon in range. It fires 2 missles out of its hips. It has a relatively fast travel speed, as much as amazing firing speed. The range is slightly lower than the beam rifle, and has moderately high damage at 1200 total. In my opinion, this is a step up

Looking only at the weapons, one can already see that BD2 is an amazing B ranked rock that has alot of potential in the midrange, as well as do well in close range due to its melee speed. It obviously is not suited for long ranged combat.


Melee spec
Booster Ext.
Booster duration and booster recovery increased by 50%.
Attack speed increases by 50%.

This skill set is amazing. Honestly, it brings out the suits potential tremendously. It allows you to be insanely agile, as you can move around the battle field more easily. Your increase in attack speed allows you to dish out damage much, much faster, allowing BD2 to become a heavy DPSer, even in S rooms.

Potential Playstyles

Like a scissor
Abuse that amazing gun of yours! Hunt in the midrange and use your amazing rifle speed and damage to your own advantage.

Like a rock
Play like a rock should be played! Abuse that whole boost bar, while being careful not to run out. Use that amazing melee speed in combination with your blazing guns! W3 for quick dps as well~
My personal playstyle is somewhat akin to this, focused mainly on rushing and hunting enemy units. I tend to juggle enemy units and play with them without KDing them. However, do not do so without any discresion. If your opponent is quite skilled, they'll be able to counter a juggle quite easily. However, newer plays will be destroyed even if you do something like using weapon 1 and 2 with a 1:1 ratio, as long as you ensure that you continue boosting and cancelling your melee.

Suit Evaluations and Comparisons
Honestly, I find that BD2 deserves the title of the King of B rocks. It has insane melee speed, amazing rifle damage, and a good weapon 3 to boot. Its boost duration and its EXAM skill are just toppings on the cake.
Suits that feel like they can compare include the following.

Blue Destiny Unit 3
- same skills
- scissors vs rock
- BD3 does not hit as hard
- BD2 much more agile

AS Zeta
- A rank with similar weapon set in main mode
- also hard hitter
- once again, there is less mobility
- has higher damage potential

Dozle Zaku
- Another strong B rock
- Lower damage potential
- More tanky
- Less mobile
- Higher damage from one melee chain (assuming same build and w3 is reloaded)
- Dozle has control shock
- Dozle only has balistic while BD2 has both beam and balisitic

Here you have my own BD2 video ;D

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