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Ahrima took the lead, shifting her feet ever step to make the sand more solid, making it possible for Olifen to see. She'd need his help. Despite how he acted, he could be reliable.

"So, why were you away from the temple in the first place? I thought monks were not allowed to leave. Not unless.. What did you do to get kicked out, Ahrima?!" she turned around then, and nearly punched Olifen into a wall, but luckily he managed to trip, and instead feel out as she decapitated one of the dead with her swing. The head snapping from the body, and crashing against a near by wall. The body walking around for a bit, before falling to the ground.

"You're an idiot, you know that? You need to pay attention to what's around you, honestly. As for that, I wasn't kicked out, sadly. They just made me go on a mission to find out about the walking dead. They started gathering in the temple too," they began their sweeping of the are again. Olifen burning any of the walking dead that came near him. There were so few of them. Though, it was nice. As much as she scared him, she was very much the closest to a friend she had.

"Also, I wanted to find out where you had gone. We were all worried, you know. Ever since we found that infection you had in your eye socket, that would have made you other eye blind, whether you made it blind before hand, we had been worried about you. We still hadn't finished making medicine for you, but then you ran off." he felt them then. Some had started gathering around the both of them.

"I'm pretty sure that can wait for later. For now, let's burn these things into the ground."