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Originally Posted by Jamesie
We're lacking a lot of things for a civil war to occur, namely a serious face of opposition to actually lead the other side. Not to mention that the military isn't going to be sent out to stop OWS any time soon. Not to mention it wouldn't even be a fair civil war given the numbers of the military versus like the 20,000 protesters. A civil war won't happen just because there's a bunch of white hipsters standing around. A civil war could happen if all of a sudden the 20k-odd protestors of OWS became suddenly ultra militant. Oh, but then it's not peaceful protest so technically it can be squashed.
I know it's peaceful and can be squashed. I didn't say the protesters would lead the militant opposition. I don't expect them to be involved in any violence except to be trampled underfoot.

Drama queen. I can't take you seriously when just because the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces wants the ability to actually dispose of terrorists (because you know, there is a War on Terrorism going on) you jump the gun on the end of America.
The Commander-in-Chief has already assassinated an American citizen without due process. Or did you miss out on the whole Anwar al-Alwaki thing? Not saying he was a good guy, but he was still an American citizen and the whole "fair trial" thing was skipped in favor of the execution.

You really need to review your history because this kind of stuff happens all the time in American history.

(See: Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, Election of 1864, Andrew Jackson's presidency, the Alien and Sedition Acts, Teapot Dome scandal, Nixon, Watergate Scandal, Vietnam "war" protests to name a small handful off the top of my head)
That was kind of the point I was making here. History repeats itself.

You are aware that state and local policemen are the ones in charge of the OWS crackdown..... right? Yup, they care about rights.
Yeah, I'm aware of that, too. And you bringing up that whole point just lends to my "America is over" point. Sure it's dramatic, but in the grand scheme of things, it's true.

Edit: I think it's a good time to post this.

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