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IGN: Nasu Kha
Class: Carpenter lt_knight
Level: 60
Guild: Rapscallions
Xfire: glarbage

RP: Alternate Dimension Spa of Destiny!

Name: Adam Faulkner
Age: 427 (appears to be about 24)
Gender: Male
Race: Asura (personification of Bali)
Occupation: Janitor
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 141 lbs
Eyes: Bright blue with a sunburst of gold.
Hair: white
-As Adam has no interest in furthering his abilities, Bali has remained as his only available deity spirit. Should he ever decide to further his abilities, the spirits of other asura may join with Bali as a resident of Adam's body.

Appearance: A rough looking youthful man. Adam tends to wear the required navy blue jumpsuit required of janitors working at of the Spa of Destiny, but he leaves the top 4 or 5 buttons undone, as a way to show off his chest to "the ladies".

Personality/Character: Adam is a horrible, horrible person. He's a wild womanizer, whose main interests include, "****ing everything that walks." Not only is he a womanizer, he's honestly just a straight-up *******. He has very few male friends, and actually not a lot of female friends either. He lives by the words, "Hit it and quit it."

History: Adam was an orphan waif, found in the streets and adopted by a woman named Rose. Despite all her best efforts, Adam grew up to act just like she hoped he never would. It seemed that anything she tried to teach him about manners and how to treat people, he would just do the opposite. At some point during his teen years, Rose took Adam to a therapist, and found out that he was actually host to a power-seeking deity, an asura named Bali. Basically, what she learned was that Adam was always going to make the cruelest, rudest choices available, regardless of what anyone told him.

After Adam turned 18, Rose kicked him out of the house, saying, "Get a damn job and learn some manners before you come back here." Well, that was probably the first thing she ever told him that he actually did. He got a job as a janitor at the Spa of Destiny, and has been working there ever since. Can't say he's particularly good at the job, or that he's buffed up his manners at all, but he's got a job, and that's what counts.

Equipment: A bucket and a mop.

Magic and Abilities: Can fly. Due to his years living on his own, both in the streets and as a janitor, he is very capable as a street fighter. Took boxing classes while he lived with Rose, and continues to still box in his free time. His asura capabilities carry very few active abilities, but do have some passive effects on him. He is incapable of discriminating any person. As such, he is equally rude to everyone. He is a lot smarter than he lets on, and in fact is also quite generous. Because he is aware of this, he tends to spend his paycheck immediately so the option to give donations or lend money doesn't even come up. The only real active ability of his asura is that he is capable of dark magic enchantments, which he uses generally only when necessary.