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Originally Posted by zemega
I want to share mine as well.

With my most priceless and the one I love the most so far, a gun, a HAX gun to me so far yet,

I've been playing Lion for so long, so may I ask, is the 2k HP shield with the three slot is really valuable? How much price can i sell it on Fantasia?
awww *-* I'm interested in both alt. rose shields If you wanna sell them :3 I'm from Fantasia

well here's the eq I've found

If you wanna know if you can forge leveled equipment you can but if you wanna keep the level you'll have to make it the main/principal weapon or u won't be able to do it X: ... Just as a tip ;3

this is the first one I found X: I'm looking for a shield with 3s and (if possible) more HP if not it doesn't matter

I found this one yesterday


I got 2 guns with the same gun ap (lol Im not lucky) but different AC and LK
so I fused em


and this one

I like a lot low level sets they're easy to get, they have good stats and are useful for town quests ... At least I don't have to buy more points to have a good equipment this time :3

Hope it's useful !