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Originally Posted by Dani
Male Brawler is a mix of fixed damage and percent based damage. Only the throws (net, poison bottle, knives, brick) and explosive hook (initial kick %, explosion fixed) are fixed damage whereas mount, raging vulcan, and venom mine are % based... Oh right, needle spin and ground tackle are also fixed but both give really nasty status effects (moreso needle spin due to the strong bleed). Rather than the damage that the class really dishes out, its the status ailments that really destroy mobs ( my poison does 1k+ damage a tick and lasts a while at lv 45).
head. My friend plays a male nen and watching him in pve is ridiculous, lol.
If you want to be technical, no class is purely fixed or percentage. Even FGrappler, the most well known fixed damage class there is, has some % skills like Neck Snap and Suplex. % based classes like Weapon Master and Rogue have some fixed skills like Ashe Fork and Chain Saw Rush.

What matters is what they're more heavily focused on. The skills that matter for MBrawler are all fixed (item throws, needle spin), so they don't need a good weapon.