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Default [MSotW] [18/12/11 - 24/12/11] GAT-X1022 "Blu Duel Gundam"

MSotW [11/12/11 - 18/12/11] GAT-X1022 "Blu Duel Gundam"

No better pic so.....

Ahh...... Duel gundam(THE SCISSOR)'s less sucky sister/brother/clone/whatever. And why do they call it Blu Duel anyway? Like the original Duel was not blue already..... Anyhow, despite it being a "Prototype Close Quarter Combat Mobile Suit", as described by gundam wiki, Softmax, in one of their WTF!? moments, made it a paper. Yes, its a paper....

Suit HP ------- 14.4
Attack ------- 15.3
Defence ------- 16.8
Special ------- 15.3
Agility ------- 13.5
Speed ------- 21.3
Overall ------- 96.6

As you can see, the stats represent something from the mid-high tier B rank range and the AGI stat is definitely C rank tier. But don't fret! The skills and weapons on this thing more than makes up for the crappy stats.

Shields: Right Shoulder

Movement type: Walking

Weapon 1

ES05A Beam Saber
Damage: 1100
Range: 500
Ammo Count: N/A
Reload: N/A
Basic paper 3 hit melee combo. Slow but cancels relatively well. Your last resort weapon. Now you can draw your blade and say, "Lets go!" before chopping them into confetti like those manly men in the movies..... But seriously, never, EVER use this unless you are absolutely desperate or have zero ammo on all other weapons.

Weapon 2

M7G2 Retractable Beam Guns
Damage: 650 x 2
Range: 2800
Ammo Count: 10
Reload: 1 second/shot with reload up, 1.5 seconds/shot without.
Ahh.... Dual wield weapons, where the cool's at. Like their more midieval counterparts, the dual blades, dual pistols are cool too! Your main weapon while playing the Blu Duel. Very reliable mid range weapon that fires real fast. Does decent damage and reloads decently fast especially after reload up. Note that you still fire 2 shots even if you only have 1 bullet left.

Weapon 3

M443 "Scorpion" Mobile Railgun
Damage: 2075
Range: 4550
Ammo Count: 2
Reload: 4.5 seconds with reload up, 8 seconds without. Reloads when all shots have been fired.
The Scorpion railgun, the heart and soul of the Blu Duel. Does very impressive damage, reloads decently fast and the best thing about it is, it doesnt even knock down with one shot. I repeat, you need to land TWO shots to kd someone. Although this poses other problems as well, such as the inability to fend off rocks as effectively. This high damage on this thing makes it just perfect for high dps fire support and kiting. Just cycle between weapons 2 and 3 when shooting. Once he's knocked down, you can move to a better position and continue blasting. Has a very impressive splash so you can hit people behind cover too. Immobilises you while firing so you can use it to troll meleeing rocks.

Weapon 4

Special Attack - Ranged SP

Reload Up
Fantastic skill for any shooting suit. Gives your weapons very high spammability so that you can pour on the pain, especially to rocks.

A good skill for any suit to have, basically turns your suit into a, ummm...... fortress at low health. Makes you a pain in the ass to kill, keeping you alive longer so that you can keep shouting "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!".

Custom Builds
-Full ATK
Offensive build. Makes you punch harder. Need I say more?

Alternative offensive build. The additional AGI improves the overall feel of the suit considerably, boosting starts up smoother, melee cancels better etc. etc. It also helps in some sticky situations involving rushes and stuff.

The Fortress abusing/Tanking build. Allows you to take more punishment. Full DEF lets you take a tad more hits while C HP OC DEF gives you additional SP defence.

OC simulator:

General Strategy
Your general role in a team is mid range fire support. Just follow your mates and rain hell on your enemies. Use the w2->w3->w2->w3 combo as your main damage dealer. With fortress and reload up, you can practically spam it forever if necessary. Use the massive splash of w3 to flush enemies out of hiding. Try to stay with your mates throughout the game and not get left behind as you will be more vulnerable to rushing rocks if you get left behind. Your worst nightmare with the Blu Duel is getting cornered by crazy people running with scissors. If cornered, make use you your sp to run away or finish them off quickly to avoid too much damage.


Managed to dredge up WeiWei's old vid lol

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