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"Yeah whatever, that's fine!" Ferre was still freaking out, and clearly it was noticeable in his speech, "Let's just get going!"

Once everyone got their things together they quickly exited the library and within a current of wind were carried into the skies to Midgard.


What with Finir hacking off the limbs of the one undead man, the man was in a daze for a moment, but with even more sick cracking of bone a new pair of arms shot out of the bloody stubs that had been left behind. However, these were far more monstrous and perhaps even frightening if not only for the blood dripping from the new pair of arms.

"Okay man," Drake was getting a bit uneasy now, "That was NOT cool." These 'things' were clearly immortal, and it was really starting to freak him out! The thought of retreating laid heavy in his mind and if anything seemed to be the smartest thing to do now. He'd rather live to see tomorrow then get overwhelmed here and suffer whatever these freaks had in mind.

Then from overhead landed Bianca and Michael! Though Bianca landed gracefully on the ground Michael basically dropped like a rock on top of one of the undead. Bianca greeted the group with her usual cheery attitude, "Hello!"

"Just where is your sense of urgency!?" Michael exclaimed as he drew his sword of light and slammed the pummel into the face of an incoming undead, "I contacted the others in Asgard, so they should be arriving soon!"

As if right on cue the Asgard group showed up on a nearby rooftop as the winds picked up. While Lari was quick to draw a rifle of some sort, Ferre seemed to be frozen in place as he looked over the brawl.

"This is..." Ferre gasped, "... Diasee is... possessing them all." He looked over at one of the man human undead who had their limbs lopped off, only for them to grow back at an absurd rate that would make most people's stomachs turn, "You can't destroy them with brute force! They'll just keep regenerating! We have to ru--" He was cut off when a familiar voice began to echo in his head; almost like a distant memory.

Execute the purge, just as you did before.

Enoch?... No, there's far too little cosmos energies in the world. Not to mention... My powers... He waited for the voice to speak once more, but nothing more was said. Hesitant, Ferre grit his teeth, then took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He crossed his arms and lowered his head slightly, "... I will... Try to initiate the purge." He said to no one in particular before his haunting melodies began just as they did over three hundred years ago, before the demons knew he wasn't who they thought he was.

In this infinite concentration, I will execute the purge
For the sake of summoning and liberating you, little bird
I shall purge the evil that threatens you!

In this hurried frenzy of destruction, I will cut the bonds that hold soul and flesh together!
Purge the evil spirits, purge the diseased flesh, purge the taint!
In this hurried frenzy of destruction, I will cut the bonds that hold soul and flesh together!
Begone and fall from this ephemeral world!

Already, as he suspected, he felt the fatigue wash over him. The Seraph magic he could use so easily in the distant past was just far to taxing on not only his weakened body, but also on the mana present in the area. Ferre dropped to his hands and knees and breathed heavily, clearly exhausted from the advanced magic, "... Damn it all..." He lifted his head, just enough to see what had been chanted was already taking effected on the undead in the area. Emilio, one of Kokabiel's offspring, slashed off one of the undead's limbs. This time though, it didn't regenerate! They already appeared to be more sluggish, as well. Perhaps this would be enough for them to fend them off.


Meanwhile, at the Midgard Yggdrasil...

Kokabiel, also known as Serena Seraphina, laid about lazily on one of the many branches of the Yggdrasil. At the foot of the tree lay a grand pool of water, just like the other two in Asgard and Utgard. However, the pool of water was pitifully small compared to centuries ago. It wasn't surprising, considering the decline of mana brought about by Metatron many years ago. The grand rainforest all around the tree, too, was in great decline. Not from the mass deforestation and devastation of Midgard over a millennia ago, but also from mana deprivation. With a sigh she began to contemplate what she should eat for dinner that night. However, her expression began to change as she suddenly sat up, clearly alarmed.

Something's here... She stood up and hopped to another branch, refraining from making a sound. Within the darkness of the foliage, piercing golden eyes glinted in the black abyss. Many irregular mana signatures were within the vicinity of the Yggdrasil, and Serena knew exactly what it was. Diasee... My creator... The thought left a bitter taste in her mouth; it was the very same diety that abandoned all of mankind, as well as the angels thousands and thousands of years ago. With a snap of her fingers, a great number of Phantasms dropped from the canopies, "... Destroy them." With loud hissing and roars, they lunged for the many beings that lurked in the darkness of the dying forest.

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