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Nen Master or Brawler. The difference is one is % based damage, while the other is fixed.

Nen Master will be a bit more MP costly because you have to keep Nen Spirals, Tiger Flash, and Stimulating Breath up at all times to maximize your damage output. With Brawler, all you need to do is keep your throwing items in stock, then strengthed net, needle, brick, poison, and things will die.

Nen has a slightly higher damage potential because he does percent based damage. When otherverse monsters and lv70 ancients start screwing you over with high defense, it's easier to gear out a Nen Master to do more damage, because all you have to do is upgrade your weapon (or get a better one) and stack light damage. You have less options to raise a Brawler's fixed damage and status effect damage.

And do you even play this game anymore, dot?

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