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Originally Posted by Mega

Receiving a Seal of Dedication is a mark of your honor and mercy when in battle. Whenever an act of kindness is performed for another Mercenary, you are rewarded with a Seal of Dedication. Problem is, these Seals of Dedication are dedicated to being useless and taking up incredibly valuable inventory space!

After the December Update, Seals of Dedication will be no more. For those who have demonstrated bravery and dedication to their fellow Mercenaries, worry not! You will be rewarded with Divine Blessing Stones and possibly GOLD! For each Seal of Dedication in your possession, you will be compensated.

For more details on the Seal of Dedication change, click here.
Nexon: Huehuehueuhue. What? You didn't actually think we were deciding on giving you something worthwhile because it took so long did you? Here, have more stones! It's not like you don't have enough already Oh and some spare change.