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Default New Items, Features, and Controls in the December Update!

The December update is here!

Greetings Mercenaries!

This update has been a long time coming hasn't it? With everything from new gamepad controls to Stimulant potions, we're on track to leave 2011 beaten and bloodied!

Holiday Inner Armor now available!

When the Fomors break off your armor in battle, do you want them to see those embarrassing cotton granny panties or tighty-whities? NO! Show them you've got the holiday spirit with a set of Dotted Christmas Inner Armor!

Give yourself a gift that rarely gets old - a set of sexy holiday-themed inner armor!
Holiday Events now in progress!

Tower defense, tree decoration, and baking - three marvelous events to keep you busy during the holiday season.

Scratching Post

The Strange Traveler has once again visited the Colhen Inn and he will provide you with a quest to decorate his scratching post - er, Christmas Tree. Go on a wild goose chase and find everything you need to make the Strange Traveler's Tree as merry as can be!

Defend the Goodies!

Looking for a little more action? How about a game of tower defense, Vindictus style? The Strange Traveler at the Colhen Inn will provide you with up to seven tickets a day to participate in the battle Defend the Goodies! Upon arriving in the special event battle in Hoarfrost Hallow, set up turrets and pick up snowballs! Stop the Fomors from reaching the pile of gifts at the end of the gauntlet. Your reward will be a crate contain coupons which are redeemable at Hereta. Hereta offers plenty of Santa-themed rewards for your troubles.

Gingerbread Man-ager

Finally, grab a special title by heading to Rocheste and speaking to Nel in the Royal Army Base. After a few trials and tribulations, you'll be able to bake her some very seasonal cookies. Your reward will be a not-so-subtle title, Master Baker!

Enjoy the holidays in Vindictus with gentle falling snow in Colhen and Rocheste! For more information on the holiday events, click here.
Seals of Dedication are no more!

Receiving a Seal of Dedication is a mark of your honor and mercy when in battle. Whenever an act of kindness is performed for another Mercenary, you are rewarded with a Seal of Dedication. Problem is, these Seals of Dedication are dedicated to being useless and taking up incredibly valuable inventory space!

After the December Update, Seals of Dedication will be no more. For those who have demonstrated bravery and dedication to their fellow Mercenaries, worry not! You will be rewarded with Divine Blessing Stones and possibly GOLD! For each Seal of Dedication in your possession, you will be compensated.

For more details on the Seal of Dedication change, click here.
Stimulant Potions

Brynn in Colhen and Jarlath in Rocheste have just received the latest in combat performance potions. Quaffing one of these three potions will temporarily increase your combat strength and defenses. They come in three flavors: Ironhide, a defensive stimulant that will nullify attacks, Fury, an offensive stimulant that will increase your ATT and M.ATT, and finally Focus, another offensive stimulant that will reduce your attack delay.

You may only carry five stimulants into battle at a time, so make sure to use them when they will truly do the most good!

For more information on Stimulants, click here!

Game Pad Update

Vindictus launched with the ability to use a gamepadfor those who elected to use one. Unfortunately, the controls felt clunky and players avoided using a gamepad when playing Vindictus.

The December update launches with all new gamepad controls, which ought to make controlling your character with an Xbox 360 gamepad much more intuitive. Game play should feel similar to other action games found on the Xbox 360. You will be able to customize the controls that best fit your style, so give it a try if you have an Xbox controller!

Interface Revamped

Logging into Vindictus for the first time after the update, you will notice that the interface has been altered and streamlined. The character menu has bee compacted, allowing you to access Character Info, Titles, Expertise, Fishing, and Paladin/Dark Knight Skill Paths in a much more streamlined matter.

In addition, a new Rankings button has been added, allowing you access to see where you stand amongst other Mercenaries in terms of Game Play, Items, and other statistics. Compare yourself against the top dogs on your server and see what you need to do in order to come out on top!
There's are lots of changes in the December update for Vindictus. Pull up a chair, sit back and let the jolly slaughter commence!